Tote Green, with extensive experience in manufacturing 100% cotton Tote Bag are one of the accredited manufacturers of customized extensive range of tote bags in. Our bags are produced in our own state of art factory in the cotton hub of India and distributed worldwide and hence competitive.

Being a eco-friendly, washable and reusable bag Tote Green bags are great choice for promotion branding and gift.

  • Tote Green bags are made with 100% cotton fabric suitable for shopping and other day to day purposes.
  • Tote Green cotton bags are made with natural cotton fibre and hence eco-friendly & biodegradable.
  • Tote Green cotton bags are eco-friendly and economical alternate for harmful plastic bags.
  • Tote Green cotton bags can be reused and hold lot more weight than plastic & paper bags.
  • Tote Green cotton bags can offer the opportunity to make a eco-friendly statement about green living through promotions and advertisement by retailers and organizations.
  • Tote Green bags are suitable for Screen Print, Embroidery, Fabric Paints and personalised craft purposes.

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